What did you say? in Portuguese

What did you say?

The first word that really tripped my up was, what.

A learner's goal is to get people -on the street, in a store, wherever and whenever -- to repeat themselves. The more the better! The more you hear something spoken IN-CONTEXT (about something, some moment you are IN), the faster you'll be speaking it yourself.

Too bad, right? It's only the_most important word. The fact that there are a few different contexts to the word what seemed just too difficult to comprehend. The options being,

What did you say ☞ Como... Oi? ... O quê?

Como? ☞ How? As in, How did you say that?
What? Use_this_one
O quê?

Really though any of those will work just fine!

What in Portuguese

This headline is just here for Google to like. We all know this post is just going to show you a few useful and useable ways to prompt someone to repeat what they just said.


repetir: to repeat

to repeat repetir
I repeat eu rep ito
you/he/she repeat(s) você/ele/ela repet e

Complete conjugation.

Can you repeat that (please)? >> Você pode repetir (por favor)?
Repeat that! >> Repete!

*Pronounced: heh-pet-chee.
**This isn't rude. Always attach a por favor at the end to be extra courteous.

Say that again. >> Fala de novo, por favor.
One more time? >> Mais uma vez?

Using FALAR or DIZER to prompt people

A bit more literal, more direct - these are always great to use:

What did you say? >> O que você falou?
What did you say? >> O que você disse?
I didn't get that. >> Eu não entendi.


I didn't get that. >> Não entendi.
I didn't get what she said. >> Não entendi o que ela falou.
Grammar: present tense ~ir verbs

There aren’t many ~ir verbs. The most common include:

to leave, depart partir
I leave eu part o
you/he/she leave(s) você/ele/ela part e
we leave nós part imos
they/you all leave eles/elas part em

* More accurately called, the present indicative tense.

SAIR Eu quase nao saio a noite. I hardly go out at night.

ASSISTIR Eu nem assisto TV I don't even watch TV.

DORMIR O Bebe dorme a noite toda. The baby sleeps all night long.

REPETIR Você pode repetir (por favor)? Can you repeat that (please)?

Many of these are IRREGULAR.

VIR Vem com a gente. Com with us.

IR Eu vou esperar na minha casa. I'm going to wait at my house.

PEDIR Eu sempre peço a mesma coisa. I always order the same thing.

Grammar: simple past tense ~ir verbs

The “simple past” = action that is over and done. Officially called the Preterit Indicative tense.

to leave, depart partir
I left eu part i
you/he/she left você/ele/ela part iu
we left nós part imos
they/you all leave eles/elas part iram

(eu) Eu consegui o apartamento! I got the apartment!

(você, ele, ela) Você conseguiu o emprego! You got the job!