Brazilian Gringos (parte 1)

Brazilian Gringoes

"Gringo" is not a bad word in Brazil. It's used as a kind label for any foreigner. DO NOT be offended when someone calls you a gringo! In these next two dialogs we'll learn some very useful new vocabulário. Whenever you're getting new vocab in a story with rich context, it's supremely memorable!

Article: Contextual repetition promotes word learning from storybooks.

*Before I over-sell this dialog, let's just say that a truly rich context story would have an actual story. This dialog is more of an advertisement. 🫥 ACTUAL stories are foundational to our learning series'.


Hoje nós vamos conhecer o especie: O Gringo. ➜ Today we're going to meet the species (known as); the "Gringo"

Olha lá temos um gringo vindo! ➜ Look over there! We've got one coming!

This accent + his speech speed/pattern is going to confuse you. Keep calm and cary on. 🧘🏼

As caracteristicas são o seguinte: ➜ The characteristics are the following...

Brazilians say "o seguinte" all the time. > As follows. Or, they will say "é o seguinte..." ☞ "it's like this..."

Sandália com meia. ➜ sandals with socks (Brazilians usually use the singular: sandália.)

Camisa social. ➜ formal shirt

Brazilians always specify what type of shirt: social, regata, polo, de malha (workout)

Sempre olhando para o céu. ➜ Always looking towards the sky.

Mochila no peito. ➜ backpack on chest

Chapéu. ➜ hat

E, pochete. ➜ fanny pack

Olha isso meu Deus!Temos um selfie de stick! ➜ Oh my God look at this! We've got a selfie stick!

Stick is of course an english word. So is selfie! You don't need to say "selfie de stick" -- it's enough to simply say, "selfie" -- selfie de stick is the grammatically perfect version though most people will say, selfie.

E repara só, em geral o gringo adora usar esse relógio que o ladrão gosta de roubar e o cordão também. Até mesmo os cordões de ouro para fora da camisa. ➜ And look, in general the gringo loves to wear that watch that the thief likes to steal and the gold chain too. Even those golden chains worn outside the shirt.

The is added in to mean just. This is very common.

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