(Scene from INTENSIVO)

Semantica for the workplace

in•ten•si•vo | {adj.} (também: forte, intenso)

Intensive training for your employees

For the first time, our all-video Portuguese course is enterprise-ready. If you have people that you need to get up-to-speed quickly, at an affordable cost, our program is ready for you.

Our ‘INTENSIVO’ is a complete course, made specifically for Portuguese as it's spoken in Brazil. It's by-far the most engaging, interesting and effective online program on the planet.

And it's now ready for workgroups. We have 6 programs of novela-like video stories - each of a different learning level so your team members can easily find the level that suits them. All users have access to all the materials, all the time. There are no extras or hidden costs.

Use the form below to make contact or email and we will answer you with details so you can started. You can request an unlimited free account for evaluation purposes.

Your associates will love this.
Self-paced study.
Flexible pricing for workgroups.