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Learn Portuguese in-context

Learn Portuguese, in-context

When you're learning a language it's very important that you get as much context as possible. Context not only makes it easier to understand what's happening, but it also makes it easier to remember. Memories are built on associations that our mind creates. If the association of words to the real world is weak, learning is much slower. Our lessons are part of long, connected stories. Characters, personalities, actions, and emotions. We don't create a dialog or story without these ingredients. Sure, there's a time for brute-force memorization, but we constantly aim to keep this to a minimum, placing as much learning within the story as possible. CONTEXT is everything when it comes to language learning.

Those of you that like to see research results, here's one we like to cite. The bottom line is this: Information (knowledge) that's taught within a familiar framework (like, a story) is much more memorable over the long-term than compared to other approaches.
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Contextual Learning

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