Semantica for Schools

Semantica makes video “novelas” to teach Portuguese step-by-step. After each episode, we break-down the dialog and present the grammar rules along with videos of Brazilians pronouncing the most challenging words. Then, we quiz the student on what was presented. It’s a great way to engage your students.

We have 7 different series of lessons across 3 learning levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The EDU package is complete. You can pick any series, and switch from one to another at any time.

The newest series, O Retorno is a 50-chapter novela designed to get the student to the B1 level of the European Framework for language proficiency. Higher levels can be reached via the novelas - see the table below.

Each of the novelas follow a consistent grammar syllabus and focus on core vocabulary and conversational skills.

Learning with Novelas

O Encontro: A1-A2
Eduardo e Monica part 1: A1-A2
Eduardo e Monica part 2: A2-B1
O Retorno: A2-B1
A Virada: B1-B2
Advanced Dialogs: C1-C2
Street Dialogs: Various Levels

Semantica for schools: Discounts

We offer a 30% discount to groups of 6 students or more. We'll go lower for longer-term commitments. Payment can be either charged directly to the students, or via the school. You must be a real school or home-schooling group to participate.

Use the form below to make contact or email and we will answer you with details so you can started. Teachers can request an unlimited free account for evaluation purposes.

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