(Scene from INTENSIVO)
Semantica Advanced Dialogs

Advanced Dialogs

14 lessons
Level 3 (advanced)

Rather than a connected story, these are a collection of shorts that present everyday conversations and situations. These are very advanced dialogs and should only be attempted after completing Eduardo e Monica and A Virada.

The pacing and pronunciation in these scenes are real. Every line is re-read by the narrator with subtitles, and there are pauses in the lessons to focus and practice on specific grammar points. Each dialog is presented along with a conversational-style breakdown and vocabulary training.

Grammar : preterit indicative, the conditional, imperfect indicative, estar+com, temporal prepositions, comparatives, possessive pronouns, agente vs nós, prepositions of place, indefinite pronouns, expressions of time (haver, acabar de) superlatives.

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Fifo Benicasa
João Paulo Malvar
Beatriz Winicki
Arthur Rozas
Flávia Coutinho
Eduardo Lassah
Fernanda Zau
Jessica lagrota
Karine Duarte
Muriel Vieira
Natália Magalhães
Pedro Meira
Marcia Batista

Studio: Semantica
Director: James Hall
Produced by Bruna Franklin
Sound by MC Liquinho
Format: HD video
Studio: Semantica
Release Date: February, 2010
Run Time: 9-17 minutes each

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro with an all-Brazilian cast (2010).