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Learn Portuguese online: in•ten•si•vo

It's an all-video Portuguese course.

We've created a delightful series of teaching stories @ any level.
Made for one reason only: to learn Portuguese online. It's not a clone of some Spanish or Chinese program! I will guide you step-by-step through the grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. You'll learn quickly and: it will not be boring! I promise you that. Everything that you need to begin speaking the language, or greatly improve your conversational Portuguese. What users say.

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When you purchase a membership, all of the Semantica learning videos are yours. Hundreds of talk-show style breakdowns, animated grammar lessons, interactive practice apps, and pronunciation training. As we add new content it immediately becomes yours as well. Memberships at the 12-month level (and longer) have access to a special download area; shorter memberships allow downloads individually from each lesson page.

You really can learn Portuguese online as it's spoken in Brazil.

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