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This is an all-video Portuguese course.

The Semantica program is a collection of multi-chapter stories designed to teach Brazilian Portuguese. We film in Brazil with local actors and emphasize conversational Portuguese with a neutral accent. The stories (we call them "novelas") are separated into 3 levels of difficulty. All members are allowed to explore the other levels and in fact, are encouraged to do so! Reviewing easier material and trying out more advanced content is a great motivator as well as a teaching tool.

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Each novela is divided into chapters with pronunciation training, grammar teaching, vocabulary and of course, the lesson dialog. Each lesson component is presented in video, and the essential grammar points are also displayed via on-screen text. Interactive quizzes and speaking practice are placed immediately after each chapter lesson.

We stop the playback at specific moments to explain what's happening, what's being said, why and how. We'll explain the grammar rules as the story unfolds and step-by-step, it will start to make sense. You'll "see" important words and phrases being used in-context. By listening to key passages repeatedly, you'll gradually develop an ear for the language. As your vocabulary builds, so too will your ability to pronounce entire phrases, enabling you to speak with real confidence. Checkpoints are built-in along the way to make sure you're learning what's important.

Everything that you need to become conversational is built-in to the program. Tudo.

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When you purchase a membership, all of the Semantica learning videos are yours. Hundreds of Portuguese dialogs, talk-show style breakdowns, animated grammar lessons, interactive practice apps, and pronunciation training. As we add new content it immediately becomes yours. Memberships at the 12-month level (and longer) have access to a special download area; shorter memberships allow downloads individually from each lesson page.

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Whether you’re just starting or want to dramatically improve your Portuguese skills, you can subscribe to our monthly package for under $20. You’ll have instant access to all of our learning content. At each level there are several learning series’ to choose from, each custom-built for your level.

You really can learn Portuguese online as it's spoken in Brazil.

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$19 Can download the video dialogs individually. Vamos!

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