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This is an all-video, online Portuguese course.

The Semantica program offers an immersive experience in learning Brazilian Portuguese through our collection of multi-chapter video stories. Shot in Brazil with local actors, the program emphasizes conversational Portuguese spoken with a neutral accent.

We produce new stories "novelas" on a regular basis, editing the chapters into online lessons according to level of difficulty. Any membership gives you access to all of our stories so that you are free explore the more challenging stories as well as the easier ones along the way.

Yes, you can Download it.

When you purchase a membership, all of the Semantica learning videos are yours. Hundreds of Portuguese dialogs, talk-show style breakdowns, animated grammar lessons, interactive practice apps, and pronunciation training. As we add new content it's instantly available to you as well. Memberships at the 12-month level (and longer) get a special download area; shorter memberships allow downloads individually from the lesson pages.

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Whether you’re just starting or want to dramatically improve your Portuguese skills, our monthly subscription package is a great place to start. For under $20, you'll have instant access to all of our learning content -- all of the series' of stories included in each level.

Everything that you need to become conversational is built-in to the program. Tudo.

Learn Portuguese online!

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