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Learn Portuguese online

It's an all-video Portuguese course.

The novelas (stories) are divided by level of proficiency. These are like TV shows and follow characters through their lives.

At every step along the way we stop the playback to explain what's happening, what's been said, why and how. You will learn to hear the language, and unlock the path to proper pronunciation. We will explain the grammar rules as the story unfolds and step-by-step it will start to make sense. You'll "see" important words and phrases being used in-story and in-context, building the vocabulary you need to speak with confidence. Lastly, we'll pause your progress just long enough to make sure you're learning what's important.

We've created a complete video course just for learning Brazilian Portuguese. It's not a clone of some French or Spanish program. Our course is a series of adult stories that have been made for one reason only: to help you learn Portuguese online.

Everything that you need to become conversational is built-in to the program. Tudo.

Yes, you can Download it.

When you purchase a membership, all of the Semantica learning videos are yours. Hundreds of Portuguese dialogs, talk-show style breakdowns, animated grammar lessons, interactive practice apps, and pronunciation training. As we add new content it immediately becomes yours. Memberships at the 12-month level (and longer) have access to a special download area; shorter memberships allow downloads individually from each lesson page.

Ready to start learning?

Whether you’re just starting or want to dramatically improve your Portuguese skills, you can subscribe to our monthly package for just $20. You’ll have instant access to all of our learning content. At each level there are several learning series’ to choose from, each custom-built for your level.

You really can learn Portuguese online as it's spoken in Brazil.

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Can download dialogs.

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$199 Full Access Non-recurring.
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$490 Full Access Forever and ever and ever and ever.
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