O Retorno

50 lessons
Level 2 - Level 3 (intermediate to advanced)

Dispatch from James:

Vamos começar!

Without a doubt, our best story to-date.

One big change-up this time is that we're shooting 2 versions of the story: the 1st at an intermediate-advanced level; the second at a solid advanced level. You'll be able to study the intermediate level and then when you're ready, switch to the advanced version.

The Story
Sequência 1
Julia and Lucas are greeted at the airport by Zé and Ana, Julia's parents. This is the first time Lucas has come to Brazil and it is Julia's great reunion with her city. In the car on the way home, we see some striking landscapes of Rio while the family talks. The car is packed with luggage. Ana asks many questions, some quite indiscreet. Julia is happy to be back, but she is still mourning her husband's death and uncertain how it will be to start her life again. Lucas would rather have stayed in the US but came with an open heart to know his origins. An adventure that only Rio de Janeiro can deliver, awaits.

Nine more sequences follow. They are divided into 50 dialogs with lessons.

The Teaching Methods
A lesson chapter goes like this:

(1) Dialog - 1st time

We've burned-in Portuguese subtitles (user does not have to select to see them) so that you always see them during the first time through. It's extremely important to see the word and hear it simultaneously.

(2) Conversation Practice

The previously taught grammar & vocab is the priority here.

(3) Vocabulary

Using the new spaced-interval-repetition algorythm. User will be served words from previous lesson's vocab at intervals according to study session spacing. Less practiced words will be re-served in Portuguse as well as English until they are committed to memory.

(4) Dialog - 2nd time + Breakdown (English & Portuguese subs available)

The second viewing has the option of either en/pt subtitles - or, none. Explanation of the grammar and general, what's being said and why is given in text below the video.

(5) Speak from audio & text questions

The important words and phrases from the dialog are repeated here and, you're asked to repeat them until recognized.

(6) Teaching

The teaching videos now use more in-context eaxmaples than ever before. This is proving to be one of the most effective techniques!

(7) Quiz

We're using all-quizzes here (not tests). Quizzes repeat incorrectly answered questions until they're corrected. The user may choose to skip them too.

(8) Review - only missed grammar topics or vocab

Review of grammar-topics missed in the quiz. Could also include some call/response extension of the material covered in the lesson.

*There is a short review narration (or video) for each topic + ~3 new questions. Any questions missed in the quiz call up these for review.
Missed grammar topics are included in the next lesson's quiz

This is our most comprehensive learning experience to-date.


Vovó Ana
Vovô Zé
Leo (Irmão)
Igor (Ex-namorado) Fabio Verini
Gabriel (Vizinho / Novo Flerte)
Tânia (Melhor amiga)
Joana (Amiga da escola)

tbd – 1st Assistant Director
tbd – Art Assistant
Cristiano Caldeira – Sound
Aline Carvalho – Makeup & Hair
Thiago David – Script
tbd – Makeup
tbd – Makeup & Hair
tbd – Assistant Photographer
James Hall – Concept and Direction
Fernando Ícaro – Director of Production
tbd – Production Assistant
tbd – Camera
tbd – Estagiário
Felipe Santiago – Executive Director
Diogo Salles – Director
tbd – Makeup & Hair
Norma Soares – Stylist
Diogo Salles – Casting
Isabela Urman – Art

Chuani Santos
Daniel, Marina & Alice Hall