Semantica Portuguese O RETORNO

O Retorno

50 lessons @ Level 2 - Level 3 (intermediate to advanced)

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This time we've shot 2 versions of the same story!
» Intermediate-Advanced (level 2) » If you've completed any other level 2 story you're cleared for takeoff on this one.
» Advanced (level 3) » Once you've fully got the level 2 version and are speaking lines in your sleep, this version is your for the taking. Everything's a bit faster, a broader vocabulary is used, and it's Brazilian Portuguese conversation at a completely normal pace. It's also produced with fewer pauses for explanation so that you can just focus on the conversation on-screen.
Any of our memberships will get you full access to this new material as well as all of our teaching stories. Hundreds of lessons; 12 not-boring stories. ✱Love✱ it all or your money returned.
Once you've completed the level 2 version you can switch to the advanced, level 3 version. The big advantage: by the time you get to the advanced version you've already seen much of the grammar & vocabulary. And, hey: you'll already know the story and can focus on the faster-paced dialog and advanced grammar.

Let's do this!
For example, in the Level 2 version one of the lines is:

O Leo?
Eu nem quero saber do Leo!
Mas ele disse que volta só no domingo.

In the Level 3 version it's:

Quanto menos eu souber dele, melhor!
Mas ele disse que volta só domingo.

The meaning stays the same, but the pacing, vocab & grammar are at the advanced level. This is going to be a GAME-CHANGER for language learning.

✔︎ We never charge extra for new content or lessons that are outside your level - you get unlimited access to EVERYTHING so that you can challenge yourself by trying lessons above your level, and jump back down and repeat easier lessons when you need to review and reboot.

The Story

Chapter 1
Julia and Lucas are greeted at the airport by Zé and Ana, Julia's parents. This is the first time Lucas has come to Brazil and it is Julia's great reunion with her city. In the car on the way home, we see some striking landscapes of Rio while the family talks. The car is packed with luggage. Ana asks many questions, some quite indiscreet. Julia is happy to be back, but she is still mourning her husband's death and uncertain how it will be to start her life again. Lucas would rather have stayed in the US but came with an open heart to know his origins. An adventure that only Rio de Janeiro can deliver, awaits.

Forty-nine more chapters follow.

Anatomy of a Lesson
(1) Dialog - 1st time

The 1st play of every dialog has the Portuguese subtitles burned-in. No more clicking-around to get the right subs. When you see the word on-screen and hear it simultaneously they become linked sub-consciously.

(2) Vocabulary

All vocab sessions now use the new spaced-interval-repetition method. We serve you words from the current dialog, plus missed words from previous dialogs, plus calculated repeats of correctly answered words. All words are served in Portuguese as well as English so that you memorize not just how to speak a word but how to hear it as well: until_they_are_committed_to memory.

(3) Dialog - 2nd time

The second viewing has the option of either English, Portuguese subtitles (or, none). We explain what's being said, and why. I present a detailed grammar break-down immediately below the video, and explain the nuances to the language and the quirks that are common. There are always links to relevant posts and grammar reference. Download links for the video, an mp3 version, and a PDF are provided.

(4) Conversation Practice

The speech recognition has gotten so good now that we are adding a new section called Conversa. We'll prompt you to speak some of the most useful phrases presented in the current dialog. Usually, ~3-5 phrases that circle through until our Google-powered language monster says tudo bem!

(5) Teaching

In-context grammar examples have proven to be supremely effective at teaching grammar rules and we use them more than ever before in this new series. The teaching video, as well as an mp3 audio-only version, are offered for download on these teaching lessons.

(6) Quiz

We're using all-quizzes here (no tests). Quizzes cycle through the ones you got wrong until they're corrected. As an option, they can be skipped as well. You can advance at will - even when there are some quiz questions you simply cannot get right 😉

(7) Review

Based on your progress in the Conversa and Quiz sections, a review is created that guides you towards working on what you need to practice the most. There is a short review narration (or video) for each topic + ~3 new questions.

Lots to download!
The best thing about studying offline is: NO INTERRUPTIONS. I cannot get a thing done with alert messages tempting me all the time. We've added a full stack of downloadable files: videos, mp3s, and PDFs are available for all the lessons. The audio-only versions are great for multi-tasking study, and PDFs of each dialog make it easy to review the written word. ***The 12-month and Lifetime memberships allow immediate download rights; shorter-term members can download after having been active at least 30 days.

This is our most complete learning experience to-date.


Semantica Team

Keyla Milanez » Julia
Cláudia Ventura » Ana
Gabriel Quintela » Lucas
Carlos Simões » Leo
Célia Kelly » Professora
José Peregrino » Zé
Carla Guidacci » Tânia
Michaela Dezan » Joana
Antônio Alves » Entrevistador
Fábio Venturini » Igor
Drika Mattos » Corretora de Imóveis
Rodrigo Soni » Gabriel
João Coelho » Fernando
Yuri Izar » Professor

Ana Izabela Aguiar – Assistant Director
PC Azevedo – Sound
Cristiano Caldeira – Sound
Ruda Capireles – Camera
Aline Carvalho – Makeup & Hair
Thiago David – Script
James Hall – Concept and Direction
Fernando Ícaro – Director of Production
Diogo Salles – Director
Felipe Santiago – Executive Director
Norma Soares – Stylist
Diogo Salles – Casting
Chuani Santos – Set Producer
Isabela Urman – Art

Daniel, Marina & Alice Hall


Bossa Nova Mall

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