Amor Passageiro

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All of our stories include a main character (personagem) that's trying to learn the language. We've experimented with all-Brazilian casted scripts and having them speak super-basic Portuguese. It always comes out weird - in a bad way 😳. Some of you have recognized this common schema and so, now you know why. It's a big constraint but we're far from out of ideas!

This time around, we have Jason ➜ Gringo running after a dream with just enough Portuguese to get into (serious) trouble; and Vanessa ➜ Brazilian woman very good at stirring up trouble.

The original comedic inspiration BTW came from Elmyra. I'm old enough to know Elmyra personally.

The basic idea is a frustrated guy and a very annoying girl - that has a thing for him.
At the risk of sounding misogynist (misógino), I'm just going to say that in general, a foreign woman or man in Brazil ranks high on the list of desirable potential partners. The reasons for this are complicated and best explained by others. Right, wrong, fair or unfair, it's just the way it is.

Jason is stressed-out working way too much from home, isolated and bored. He's accumulated some money and is ready to find a white-sandy beach and a new love to de-stress from the pandemic routine

In Portuguese:
A gente apresenta a realidade chata da conversação pela internet, o laço com essa moça que parece ser legal... Ele tira um mês de férias e vai para o Brasil, ele conhece a Uber simpática e pega o telefone dela para futuras viagens, tem um primeiro encontro ótimo, Um segundo encontro estranho, um terceiro encontro péssimo, um término turbulento onde a namoradinha não quer separar e revela seu lado mais possessiva e engraçadamente desequilibrada (Tipo Elmyra do tinytoons - Tiny Toons Adventures - My Dinner With Elmyra (Part 1) - YouTube / Elmyra gives Dizzy Devil a bath - YouTube)

In English:
We present the boring reality of internet conversation. Jason makes a connection with Vanessa. The one girl that seems to be cool... after so many surreal online interactions (Tinder). He takes a month off and goes to Brazil. A friendly Uber driver helps him with the connection from the airport to apartment. He picks up her contact details for future trips and she seems like a good guide for some tourist outings. With Vanessa he has a great first date, A weird second date, a bad third date, and an extremely turbulent last date in which she reveals her possessive, unbalanced and possibly violent side. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹. Is anyone triggered by this? I hope not. It's a comedy and we're playing with over-the-top (unfair) stereotypes for the sake of laughs and learning. I promise you you will be entertained and perhaps even offended. But not bored.

new novela from Semantica
In the Salão de Beleza. Vanessa getting pretty to meet Jason.
new novela from Semantica
Team Semantica -- This is what it takes to make these stories come to life for you.
new novela from Semantica
Gabriela e Bernardete in the Açaí place.
new novela from Semantica
These scenes are being done in Curitiba - the south of Brazil, Parana State.
Stills from the series

Semantica Series Amor Passageiro

new novela from Semantica

new novela from Semantica

Semantica Series Amore Passageiro

Anatomy of a Lesson
(1) Vocabulary

Vocab always comes first. All vocab sessions now use the new spaced-interval-repetition method. We serve you words from the current dialog, plus missed words from previous dialogs, plus calculated repeats of correctly answered words until_they_are_committed_to memory.

(2) Dialog - 1st time

The 1st play of every dialog has the Portuguese subtitles burned-in. No more clicking-around to get the right subs. When you see the word on-screen and hear it simultaneously they become linked sub-consciously.

(3) Dialog - 2nd time

The second viewing has the option of either English, Portuguese subtitles (or, none). We explain what's being said, and why. I present a detailed grammar break-down immediately below the video, and explain the nuances to the language and the quirks that are common. There are always links to relevant posts and grammar reference. Download links for the video, an mp3 version, and a PDF are provided.

(4) Conversation Practice

The speech recognition has gotten so good now that we are adding a new section called Conversa. We'll prompt you to speak some of the most useful phrases presented in the current dialog. Usually, ~3-5 phrases that circle through until our Google-powered language monster says tudo bem!

(5) Teaching

In-context grammar examples have proven to be supremely effective at teaching grammar rules and we use them more than ever before in this new series. The teaching video, as well as an mp3 audio-only version, are offered for download on these teaching lessons.

(6) Quiz

We're using all-quizzes here (no tests). Quizzes cycle through the ones you got wrong until they're corrected. As an option, they can be skipped as well. You can advance at will - even when there are some quiz questions you simply cannot get right 😉

(7) Review

Based on your progress in the Conversa and Quiz sections, a review is created that guides you towards working on what you need to practice the most. There is a short review narration (or video) for each topic + ~3 new questions.

Lots to download!
We'll include a full stack of downloadable files: videos, mp3s, and PDFs are available for all the lessons. The audio-only versions are great for multi-tasking study, and PDFs of each dialog make it easy to review the written word. ✱ The 12-month and Lifetime memberships allow immediate download rights; shorter-term members can download after having been active at least 30 days.

This will be our most complete learning experience yet.


Jaiussa » Ana Claudia
Katia Horn » Bernadete
Naju Gubert » Carolina
Li Fernandes » Dona Bárbara
Maiara Astarte » Moça 1
Deleted: Alanna Vecchi » Moça 2
Stephanie Souza » Fernanda
Carole Fernandez » Gabriela
Eduardo Ramella » Jason
Gedivan Albuquerque » Pastor
Ariane Andrade » Vanessa
Fábio De Lima » Vendedor

James Hall » Executive Producer
Felipe Santiago » Director & DOP
Gabriela Thomas » Assistant Director – Curitiba
Renata Belich » Asst Director & Set Production – RJ
Carolina Dib » Assistant Director II – RJ
Cristiano Caldeiro » Audio – Curitiba & RJ
David Valcarcel » Audio – RJ
Guilerme Arnaldom » Director of Photography – Curitiba
Guiherme Machado » Production Director – Curitiba
Mauricio Medina » Production Director – RJ
Luísa Wolff » Set Design & Art – Curitiba
Tamires Mota » Set Design & Art – RJ
Victoria Farah » Set Design & Art Assistant – RJ
Carol Matheus » Costume Designer – RJ
Nityananda » Costume Designer Assistant – RJ
Bruna Bley » Wardrobe & Makeup – Curitiba
Graciane Vazquez » Wardrobe & Makeup – RJ
Rodrigo Álvaro Nunes » Set Security
Fábio Cristino dias » Van Driver
Thiago David » Script

Filmed on location in Curitiba, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Sequence 1 – Tired of bla bla bla

Jason is bored talking to lots of women online. looking for any connection. He gets a message from Vanessa, smiles, says goodbye and calls her. The conversation flows. The two have a great tune and want to see each other. He’s on vacation and doesn’t know what to do. Vanessa invites Jason to come to Brazil to learn a new language in practice. He looks at his empty apartment and says “Why not? Let me see the tickets…” Super promotion! He buys the ticket, closes a suitcase and leaves. Vanessa promises to pick him up at the airport.

Sequence 2

Vanessa had an unforeseen event and couldn’t pick up Jason at the airport… He gets upset, but he understands. He then calls an Uber… His driver is Gabriela. Gabriela is friendly, communicative and pretty. The two talk about what to do in Rio. Upon mentioning that no tourist should leave Brazil without having tasted an açaí he says right there that he wants some. Gabriela takes him to an açaí spot on the way and soon learns how good it is. She drops him off at home and passes him her card offering that she can show him the sites if he’s interested. Vanessa is there waiting for him and they they go up to his rented apartment together.

Sequence 3

Jason waits for Vanessa at his lobby so they can go on their first date. She arrives beautiful and it’s like a dream. The two get along very well and walk to a bar she chose. Arriving at the bar, everything is fine until the waitress arrives, who she treats very badly. Caipirinhas and açaí are ordered. Vanessa soon puts on a display of her short-temper and her extreme jealously. She has sharp criticism for the people at a nearby table as well as the waitress. She becomes jealous of people in the restaurant as well as the Uber driver that picked him up from the airport. Soon she’s in tears and Jason becomes nervous and awkward, as he tries to calm her down. A bowl of acai arrives, she says it’s the best in the world. He tastes it and he doesn’t like it, she says that the first time it’s normal not to like it, but he says he’s tasted açaí before, with the Uber driver and that it was much better. Vanessa is extremely offended, gets up and leaves, leaving him with the bill. He pays and goes after her. Once Vanessa is calm, she suggests continuing the night at his place, with no one to get in the way.

Sequence 4

Jason wakes up next to Vanessa regretful and with a hangover. He doesn’t know what to do. Gabriela who tells him to leave the house and come back later. He leaves and when he returns Vanessa is waiting there with her mother and father sitting on the couch. Jason is in shock. The parents are sympathetic, but hint that they expect the new couple to marry soon. Talk quickly turns to discussion about the wedding ceremony details. Jason dodges in every possible way, completely embarrassed. Jason besomes convinced that he’s being kidnapped. The night ends with them inviting him over for a family dinner on Sunday. Vanessa tries to remain in his apartment but he pushes her away, visibly drunk.

Sequence 5

Jason calls Gabriela asking for help. She says she is nearby and asks him to come down so they can go for a ride together. Gabriela and Jason drive around while she picks up passengers through a ride-hailing app. She does this in a very fun way. The passengers end up joining the conversation and giving their opinions on Jason’s love life as well. One of them makes a decision: The best way to deal with Vanessa is to cut her off completely. Tell her he doesn’t want anything more. If that doesn’t work, he needs to find another girlfriend. He doesn’t understand her hidden intentions and downloads Tinder. The first person he comes across is Vanessa. He receives a message with a screenshot of his profile and a “We need to talk”.

Sequence 6

Jason is waiting for Vanessa in his apartment. While waiting, he uses Tinder to make new matches. He gets three matches before Vanessa arrives, one of them is Gabriela. He chats with her on WhatsApp, saying that she can now help him improve his Tinder profile. But contrary to expectations, Vanessa takes Jason to meet with a priest who does couples counseling. Jason makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. The scene ends with the priest trying to exorcise the demon out of him. Jason runs out and makes it very clear to Vanessa that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Sequence 7

Jason is in an Uber with Gabriela, heading to their first date. Gabriela is silent and a bit upset, but she doesn’t say why. Jason doesn’t notice and talks about the girl he’s going to meet. Upon arriving, the girl is actually a guy. A cool one but, he’s not at all what Jason is looking for. Jason hangs around for a beer until he becomes aware that Vanessa has followed him there. e two of them and says she understood everything. She shows a tattoo she got with Jason’s name and asks him to come back. She says she’s not judgmental and can find a way to fix what’s missing in bed. Jason calls Gabriela and leaves.

Sequence 8

Jason agrees to go to the karaoke with his other Tinder match. He is driven by Gabriela, who is still upset but disguises it. The date seems great there, everything is going well. The girl is beautiful, intelligent, funny… Jason likes her. However, she keeps drinking and gets increasingly intoxicated. Eventually, she grabs the microphone to sing. It sounds like a crow. It’s terrible. She invites Jason for a duet. They both sing very poorly. At the end of the song, she tries to kiss him but feels sick. Jason takes her back home with the help of Gabriela.

Sequence 9

Gabriela and Jason are in the car. Outside, there’s a downpour. The streets are flooded, and Gabriela’s car stalls from the water. After much prompting Jason agrees to try and push the car out of the street. He struggles and fails. Transfixed by the tropical rain he invites Gabriela to exit the car. He asks her to dance in the rain with him and she can only wonder if he’s lost his mind. She finally gives in. The two wind up at his rented apartment chatting and much more.

Sequence 10

Jason is packing his bags to go back home. He is devastated. He looks at his phone, Gabriela’s number saved as “Gabriela Uber,” and sends her a goodbye message, saying that she was the best thing that happened during the trip and that he will be sad not to be able to say goodbye before leaving. He sends the message and removes “Uber” from her contact name, saving it. Then he opens the Uber app, enters the airport address, and goes downstairs to the lobby to wait for the car. While waiting, Gabriela shows up. “Need a ride?” He smiles, puts his suitcase in the car, and gets in. She asks which terminal he needs, he checks the ticket on his phone and tells her. She looks at him and says, “Are you really sure you want to leave now?” He puts his phone in his pocket. “What I really want is to go to the beach with you.” They share a kiss.