the Preterit Indicative of irregular verbs

Preterit Indicative of irregular verbs

When I last posted about the Preterit Indicative, it was all about regular verbs. Now let's look at the most common IRREGULARs in this tense. ➜ *regular verbs are here.

The "simple past tense" (the Preterit Indicative) is used to talk about action that's over and done - in the frame of your story:
I walked the dog at 3 pm.
Yes, she went to the party.
We liked the show.

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the Preterit Indicative: 7 irregulars


to be (more about SER)

I was. eu f ui
you/he/she were você,ele,ela f oi
we were nós f omos
they, you all were vocês, eles, elas f oram
I was a really wild kid. ➜ Eu fui uma criança muito rebelde.
It was a great show. ➜ O show foi ótimo.


to go (*note that the conjugation of SER and IR in this tense are identical!)

I went. eu f ui
you/he/she went você,ele,ela f oi
we went nós f omos
they, you all went vocês, eles, elas f oram
We went to the beach yesterday. » Nós fomos à praia ontem.
It went really well. ➜ Foi bem.


to be (more about ESTAR)

I was eu est ive
you/he/she has been você,ele,ela est eve
we have been nós esti emos
they, you all have been vocês, eles, elas est iveram
I've been in London before. ➜ Já estive em londres.
Have you been to that island? ➜ Você esteve naquela ilha?


to have

I had. eu tiv e
you/he/she had você,ele,ela tev e
we had nós tiv emos
they, you all had vocês, eles, elas tiv eram
She had a headache. ➜ Ela teve uma dor de cabeça.
I had an idea. ➜ Eu tive uma ideia.


to say

I said eu diss e
you/he/she said você,ele,ela diss e
we said nós diss emos
they, you all said vocês, eles, elas diss eram
She told me that she'll go. ➜ Ela me disse que vai.
I told him to buy the tickets. ➜ Eu disse a ele para comprar os ingressos.


to do

I did eu fiz
you/he/she did você,ele,ela fez
we did nós fiz emos
they, you all did vocês, eles, elas fiz eram
I did it yesterday. ➜ Eu fiz ontem.
We already did it. ➜ Já fizemos.


to want

I wanted eu quis
you/he/she wanted você,ele,ela quis
we wanted nós quis emos
they, you all wanted vocês, eles, elas quis eram
I wanted to go. ➜ Eu quis ir.
They wanted to talk. ➜ Eles quiseram conversar.

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