PARECER in Portuguese

How would you say something like, You seem to be doing great or, You look tired -?

How about, looking good or, seems like a good option -?

I remember always getting stuck when trying to express - to seem, to appear.

Then I discovered two things:

1- You don't have be so literal when translating into Portuguese.
2- The verb PARECER

It's really important that you can quickly come up with a reasonably good way to say these things. The best way is to look at some examples of common situations.

(This) Looks like a good place to swim. > Parece que é um bom lugar para mergulhar.
(This) Seems really difficult. > Parece muito difícil.
He seems so strict. > Ele parece muito rígido.
She seems sad. > Ela parece triste.
She looks so happy today. > Ela parece tão contente hoje.
You look beautiful! > Você é linda!

Don't tell someone that they seem beautiful. Say that they are beautiful!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. > Parece que o dia vai ser lindo.

The past participle of PARECER is, PARECIDO(a).

When something looks like something else it's parecdio(a). The gender ending must agree with the subject, of course.

Eles são irmãos mas não são nada parecidos.
Essa praia é muito parecida com a outra.