Queria in portuguese


In english we say, I wanted to this and that... all_the_time.

To say the same thing in portuguese it's tempting to say something like, Eu estava querendo x & y.... But this is very clunky, isn't it?

Brazilians will use the imperfect past form of QUERER to express this. Like this:

Eu queria fazer uma aula de yoga amanhã.

You can think of this in two ways: I would like to do a class tomorrow... OU, I wanted to do a class tomorrow...

Use Queria in portuguese to express either of these options. They are really the same thing, and queria is an elegant way to say it.

Let's look at another example:

Eu queria falar com você. > I wanted to talk to you.

Now try this one:

Ela queria te dizer uma coisa. > She wanted to tell you something.

Note that here te is taking the place of você. 90% of the time Brazilians will use te instead of você.

Here are some example in video: