TV entregue por moto

Here is another soft-news clip from a Rio de Janeiro channel. Once you get past the intro it's great for training your ear (intermediate-advanced level).

Learning Portuguese by watching video is a the most efficient way to study. We use a lot of video (quase 100%) in our course, but we avoid anything that 's from a TV or the movies. The vast majority are just too fast and full of irrelevant vocabulary. If you do want to try a Brazilian movie, make sure you watch like this.

Ok, let's break it down.

E, diante de tantos casos de imprudência,

DIANTE is a tough word to know. It's not one you'll hear on the street but words like this are important to be familiar with because it's used all the time in news stories. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be able to understand most of what's being said on Brazilian newscast! The best translation of diante is, in the face of. So, she's saying, In the face of so many cases of imprudência...

a gente mostra para você o Sem Noção de hoje

"o Sem Noção de hoje" is the name of the program. Literally this translates to: the clueless of the day. The complete sentence is: we'll show you the clueless clip of the day. SEM NOÇÃO is of course, without a notion (clueless!)

com motociclista que parece que para alguns deles,

The phrase, para alguns deles means, for some of them. The word, some is said: algum/alguma, and the plurals are: alguns & algumas.

não há limite não.

Great example of the verb HAVER.

Quem mandou essa imagem para a gente foi o Pablo Fernandez

She's just telling us the name of the viewer that contributed the clip. She could just as well have said, Foi Pablo Fernandez que mandou essa imagem para a gente.

e veja só o que esse motociclista leva: uma enorme TV.

She says, veja só and here it translates as, and just look...It's similar to olha só.

Ele vai pela Avenida Júlio Cesar,


próximo a Pedro Álvares Cabral, ali mesmo no Elevado Daniel Berg.


Passageiro transportando uma TV imensa.

Notice that imensa agrees in gender with "a TV". You need to remember that the word TV is female.

Sem noção, né? Veio parar aqui no JL1.


From the video learning course, INTENSIVO.

I posted another one similar to this a few months ago. It's also good for training your listening skills.