Portuguese preposition de

Portuguese preposition de

The Portuguese preposition de shows up in many different places. As you know -- I HATE to dig into grammar-speak unless it's really necessary to move you into Portuguese fluency.

So, I won't.

But, let me just say that it's worth being said that a preposition is a word that ties others together. Each language has a few prepositions that are super stars: their presence changes meaning.

Portuguese preposition de is one of them.

Let's look at just one really useful way de is used: de = BY.

Let's go by car. > Vamos de carro.
She's going by train. > Ela vai de trem.
I'm going to take the bus. > Eu vou de ├┤nibus.

Let's extend this to another case and see DE is used to express IN or, TO WEAR for CLOTHING (!).

Eu vou de saia.
I'm going in tennis shoes. > Eu vou de tênis.
Can I wear shorts? > Posso ir de shorts?

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