Precisar + de : Portuguese verb PRECISAR

portuguese verb precisar de


The verb PRECISAR is a lot like GOSTAR in that it usually gets followed by a de -- BUT, unlike gostar, not all the time. The de is there because you are literally saying I need of something.

When do you need to add the "de"? » PRECISAR de

If you're talking about needing a person, place or thing (ie: a noun), always, always, always include a de after the verb precisar.

Preciso de você. » I need you.
Preciso de ajuda. » I need help.
Ele precisa de uma bebida. » He needs a drink.

What if there's a THE after "de"?

If the de is followed by an article, o or a, they contract like this:
de + o = do

Preciso do seu telefone. » I need your telephone.

de + a = da

Preciso da verdade. » I need the truth.

*Notice these are all things. Things that you need!
What if you need to-something? Some action - Like needing to buy, needing to think, needing to do something ~?

If you're talking about needing TO DO something, you do not need the de.

Preciso sair agora. » I need to go out now.
Preciso falar com você depois. » I need to talk with you afterward.
Precisamos fazer compras. » We need to go shopping (literally: to make purchases).

Another way of saying this is ~ when the verb PRECISAR is followed by another verb, you don't need the de. (any verb coming after PRECISAR is always going to be in the infinitive)

PRECISAR + de for needing things or people.
PRECISAR + verb when you need TO DO something.

Needing a thing:

Ele precisa de uma bebida. » He needs a drink.

Needing TO DO something:

Ele precisa pedir uma bebida! » He needs TO ORDER a drink!

***Be sure to watch at least the last one in this (bottom-right) - it has a good summary of the rules for PRECISAR.

Não preciso me drogar para ser um gênio;
Não preciso ser um gênio para ser humano;
Mas preciso do seu sorriso para ser feliz.

Charles Chaplin

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