The Present Progressive (gerund)

Portuguese verb tenses

Use it to talk about things that are happening right now! Think of it as progress in the present: working, shopping, talking, studying.

The Present Progressive is equivalent to the ing ending in English. It's easy to learn. There is no irregular verb in the present progressive in Portuguese. Furthermore, the conjugations are the same for all the different persons of speech: eu, você, ele, a gente, nós, vocês, eles.

ar verbs

I'm working now. > Eu estou trabalhando agora.

er verbs

Are you eating? > Você está comendo?

ir verbs

I'm driving my car. > Estou dirigindo meu carro.

The verb estar is always right before the verb in the this tense. That's because the grammar is identical to English in that you/he/she/we/they are doing something. The formation is totally consistent and there are no irregulars at all.

-ar verbs
She's arriving Ela está cheg ando
Who's talking? Quem está fal ando?
-er verbs
I'm eating. Eu estou com endo
He's losing. Ele está perd endo
-ir verbs
He's insisting. Ele está insist indo
She's driving. Ela está dirig indo