SE FERRAR in Portuguese


Two people asked about this expression (it's just a verb) this week so I think it's time to do a post and explain.

Se ferrar (a reflexive verb) translates to: to spike, to savage, to brand (with a hot iron), to bite (savagely!!!) ETC.

It's always some bad, bad situation: SE FERRAR

And it's usually used in a reflexive way because in Portuguese we almost always talk about getting screwed-over, someone getting ripped off, etc. The subject is almost always receiving and doing the action, i.e. giving the shaft to one's self! You could of course use it non-reflexively: FERRAR, as in if you are screwing-over someone. Better just keep that to yourself though, né?

It's always used in this context.

Let's use it:

I screwed myself! > Eu me ferrei!
He fell down the stairs and messed himself up. > Ele caiu da escada e se ferrou!
I don't want screw myself just yet! > Nāo quero me ferrar ainda, nāo!
He's truly fucked. > Ele está ferrado mesmo.

More about using MESMO here.

Even though it's a real legitimate verb, it's almost always used in this slang context: SCREWED, RIPPED-OFF, FUCKED.