Portuguese for Spanish speakers

Portuguese for Spanish speakers

We have so many students that are fluent in Spanish, (most for latin America) that we decided to clone our entire course and change it up so that it's made for them.

> Semantica for Spanish speakers / Aprender Portugués.

Teaching Portuguese for Spanish speakers seems like an easy mission, but alas it's not. The two languages look very similar on paper but that's where it ends. Spanish speakers have to immediately deal with a completely different pronunciation of the alphabet. And though there is significant vocabulary and grammar cross-over, the art of day-to-day conversation has to be re-learned.

The changes we've made:

  • All teaching has been re-recorded with native Spanish speakers.
  • The breakdown videos have been recorded with a Spanish and Brazilian natives.
  • All grammar topic videos re-done in Spanish.
  • The test modules are in Spanish.
  • All subtitles are Spanish or English or Portuguese.
  • All of the user interface is of course... in Spanish.
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