abrir: to open

to open abrir
I open eu abr o
you/he/she open(s) você/ele/ela abr e

Complete conjugation.

present indicative » Eu vou abrir meu coração. I'm going to open my heart.

preterit indicative » Você abriu sua casa? Did you open your house?

past participle » A loja estava aberta? Was the store open?

Popular uses of ABRIR in Portuguese

open, open-up, unlock, spread, start, launch…

acabar: to end up

to end up acabar
I end up eu acab o
you/he/she end(s) up você/ele/ela acab a

Complete conjugation.

Translations of ACABAR in Portuguese

Acabar in Portuguese means TO… end, end up, finish, be over, stop, break up.

Acaba sendo muito difícil. (It ends up being very difficult.)

Minha paciencia acabou. (I'm out of patience.)

A festa acabou. (The party's over).

When a “de” is added : ACABAR de, it takes on the meaning to have just; to to end up.

O filme acabou de começar. (The film just started.)

acertar: to get right

It’s tough to find an English verb that matches this one! ACERTAR has the meaning of to get (it) right, to nail, to hit (it), to get it… ETC.

to get right, “nail it” acertar
I get it right eu acert o
you/he/she get(s) it right você/ele/ela acert a

Complete conjugation.

Ele não consegue acertar. He can't get it right.

Ele não conseguiu acertar. He couldn't get it right.

Você acertou tudo! You got it all right!

Podemos acertar tudo agora. We can get it all right now.

Relaxa irmã não tem como acertar. Relax sister, there's no way to get it right.

administrar: to administer

to administer, manage administrar
I manage eu administr o
you/he/she manage(s) você/ele/ela administr a

Complete conjugation.

Quem vai administrar o dinheiro? (Who's going to manage the money?)

Administrar in Portuguese means: TO… administer, manage, run, give, administrate, handle

apresentar: to present

to introduce, present apresent
I introduce eu apresent o
you/he/she introduce(s) você/ele/ela apresent a

Complete conjugation.

Eu vou me apresentar. I'm going to introduce myself.

Vou apresentar o meu namorado. I'm going to introduce my boyfriend.

Ele se apresentou? He introduced himself.