Street Dialogs : conversational Portuguese


Someone said to me the other day - dude, I'm going to wait until I'm in Brazil to pick up the language -- that'll be easier.

Makes sense.

Mas não.

I tried that. It doesn't work. Well, if you have lots of time, sure. The problem is that people - BRAZILIANS speak the language that they learned. It's way too fast for you to ever actually "pick up". The best way to learn conversational Portuguese is by watching videos of real conversations - SLOWED-DOWN, REPETITIVELY. You will not get that on the streets of Brazil. You will get it in our INTENSIVO course. We've recorder hundreds of episodes of STORIES in Brazilian Portuguese, and now we are shooting STREET DIALOGS that go right to the heart of Portuguese conversations. We are shooting the most useful, most common interactions between people that happen here. Day after day.

When you actually go to Brazil you will have lots of great practice sessions -- spontaneously, on the street, in a bar, at your hotel, in a bike shop or in line at the e supermarket. But it's all going to FLY OVER YOUR HEAD if you don't have some VIRTUAL exposure to the language. I created these videos as a way for anyone, anywhere to start getting used to the way the language really sounds. So that one day, when that girl tells you that "nosso especialidade é whatever" you are going to have some idea what is happening. And from there you can get to the next step. This is how one arrives at the elusive goal: FLUENCY.

Join the conversation. Conversational Portuguese.

From the video learning course, INTENSIVO. Shot in LEBLON, RIO DE JANEIRO @ JAEE restaurant. *VALEU FRED.