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It’s all about dinheiro

Even though the Brazilian economy seems to be steadily marching upwards, most Brazilians struggle to make ends meet and are always looking for ways to be thrifty.

Let’s look at some popular ways to talk about saving money and spending less.


Being thrifty is to economizar. 

> Ela sempre leva o ônibus para economizar.

We’ re trying to be thrifty this year so as not to go broke

> Eu economizo para que eu possa dar dinheiro para minha familia. (this sentence 
uses the present subjunctive)

I’m thrifty so that I can give money to my family.


Saving-up money is juntar or poupar. In fact, a savings account is called uma conta poupança.

> Eu vou juntar dinheiro para comprar um carro novo.

I’m going to save money to buy a new car.

> Assim que eu poupar um dinheiro, pretendo viajar para Las Vegas.

As soon as I save-up some money I’m going to Vegas.

*** It’s fine to use economizar to express saving up money also — being thrifty and saving-up money are almost the same thing — people use them interchangeably and you should too!


A promoção is just what it sounds like: a SALE.

Anything on-sale is em promoção.

> Aqueles sapatos que você gosta estão em promoção.

Those shoes you like are on-sale.

> Tudo na loja está em promoção.

Everything in the store is on-sale.


And all of this is so that things are more affordable or, em conta.

> Eu quero algo mais em conta.

I want something that’s more affordable.

> Ele sempre faz as compras na feira onde tudo está bem mais em conta.

She always shops at the fair where everything is much more affordable.