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Do you care?


The whole idea of caring is more complicated in portuguese. Whereas we would say “I don’t care about that” & “I care deeply for her” & “He needs to be taken care of” are all accomplished in the same way: using the word CARE.

To get these same meanings across you need firstly that the verb LIGAR takes CARE of much of this. Use it like this:

I don't care > Eu não ligo.
I don't care if you go without me. > Eu não ligo se você for sem mim.
I care (am interested about) about hip-hop music. > Estou ligado hip-hop.

LIGAR is used to CARE or, be INTERESTED about something. (*NOTE that ligar means to connect, be turned-on.)

You could also use the verb IMPORTAR. This is more intuitive because when you don’t care about something it’s because it’s just not very IMPORTANT to you.

I don't care about politics. > Eu não me importo com politica.
I care about personal safety. > Eu me importo com segurança pessoal.
I really care about her. > Eu realmente me importo com ela.

*Note that in this example, IMPORTAR is used reflexively.

What about to literally CARE FOR someone or something? Use the verb CUIDAR.

I'm going to take care of you. > Eu vou cuidar de você.
I'll take care of our family accounting. > Vou cuidar das contas da familia.