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Carnaval 2013 – os blocos de rua

O carnaval de rua da cidade do Rio de Janeiro terá quase 600 blocos que desfilarão por toda a cidade.

Notice the use of the future tense (technically called the ‘future indicative’) here — in bold. This form is rarely spoken, but often written (this sentence from an online article). If you don’t care (yet) about the written language, skip it until you are. But already moving ahead in your studies it’s time to learn the few but very common instances of this tense that are actually spoken. When they are, it’s usually to add lots of emphasis like we might say : I shall be there.

They are:


Commonly said:

Eu estarei lá! (I will be there!)


Commonly said:

O governo terá que se modernizar para ficar mais eficiente. 

Eu farei tudo logo!


Irei com você. (I will go with you.)

There is an aulinha of this form on YouTube here:

As for the Blocos de Rua — these are parades in the street during carnaval that are the real roots of carnaval: Revelers in fantasias, dancing and drinking to a single song, over and over and over…

Muito bom! tudo-bem-punctuation

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  1. Raphaella says : Reply

    Bem bacanas as dicas!! Para complementar o post eu recomendo também um infográfico feito pela galera do imovelvip

    Abraços! ;)