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A Porta-Bandeira

As escolas de samba desfilam com três ou quatro casais de 
porta-bandeira, mas apenas o primeiro deles é avaliado.

So, there’s usually one couple that is the standout that takes the first position. The movements of the porta-bandeira – always a couple, are always stunning.

Look at how ‘deles’ is used here.

Deles = de + eles == of them

So the sentence is saying ‘…just the first of them (of the couples) is evaluated.’

Let’s see another example of dele :

Você conhece o pai dele?

And with ela it’s de + ela = dela:

Você gosta do cabelo dela?

And the plural them, eles used in our first sentence above. Notice that it’s a man + a woman, You know that this is, by default ‘eles’ (masculino), right?! It would be delas only if we were talking about two or more women! 

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