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2013 está chegando!

What do you say to a Brazilian about the new year?

First off, you have to wish them a happy new year,

Feliz ano novo.  That was easy.

Then, wish them all the best and lots of success, good health and etc like this:

Eu te desejo* muito sucesso e saúde nesse ano novo.

Or to just be general and cover all the bases: Tudo de bom para você nesse ano novo.

Don’t forget to mention the family:

E para toda sua familia também.

* desejar is really the key verb here. In this context it’s equal to: to wish (someone).

After all that, be sure and ask them where they are going and what they’re doing on new year’s eve:

Onde você vai passar a virada do ano?
O que você vai fazer no ano novo?

The term “a virada” is often used to talk about new year’s eve — it literally means, “the turnover” or “turnaround” (comeback). It’s also the name of the new language learning series from Semantica — coming soon neste novo ano!