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(Scene from INTENSIVO) feature-stories

Stories of real-life situations

Our dialogs are done in the style of a 'novela' : a continuous story. These are Portuguese video lessons that follow a specific learning plan and build-up sentence structure gradually as the story progresses. There are 150 core video dialogs not including the new dialogs ("Street Dialogs") that are added monthly. These are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced learner categories. You can study at any level and even jump around! Every dialog is supported by breakdown and pronunciation videos, grammar training and a practice app.

The best way to learn Portuguese online is with video, not audio.

Video stimulates your brain in a way that audio alone cannot. The Semantica Method uses video dialogs of real-life situations. It’s designed for fast comprehension and long-term retention.  It will get you out of the beginner category and talking to the natives.

The core dialogs of the course are:

The dialogs are filmed in Rio de Janeiro with an all-Brazilian cast.