(Scene from INTENSIVO)
Semantica Series 1

O Encontro (the encounter)

36 lessons
Level 1 (beginner)

This is the original story that started it all. Paul, an American journalist arrives in Rio de Janeiro to write a story about Ilha Grande (the big island - an island near Rio de Janeiro). Lucky for him his Portuguese skills are about to take a big leap forward as his project assistant (Raquel) is a local native.

This teaching story is designed to get you out of the beginner category. It's 36 chapters of a continuous story that’s engaging and fun. The pace is quick. The dialogs are 3-7 minutes each, followed by instruction and vocabulary review. After watching the dialog the first time it’s followed by a replay, this time with instruction integrated into the dialog. We break-away from the dialog and highlight the important grammar points by presenting other examples in-context. Everything is done in video, with subtitles that can be switched on-off (English and Portuguese).

You will be able to put together real sentences after completing this.

In 2017 we remade the first half of this story with our latest teaching methods.

Series 1 syllabus

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Brazilian Portuguese, Level 1 (2 DVDs)
Win/Mac/TV; Region-free; 240 minutes.
Narrated in English, French & Italian.
Full reference section, extra video and vocabulary practice.
[2009, 1st release]

2 DVD set: 36 dialogs, vocabulary quiz + reference.
Top 46 verbs, days of the week, the numbers, the time, & more.
Subtitles and narration in English, French & Italian.
100% video DVD. Plays on any TV or PC.

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Marta Metzler (Raquel) & Caetano Omaihlan (Paul)
Adriana Rodrigues
Ashley Smith
Camila Mezavila
Clebe Toline
Daniel Bouzas
Gabriela Werber
Glauber Carvalho
Humberto Camara Neto
Jaqueline Calazáns
Juliano Almeida
Lisieux Maia
Márcio Santos da Cunha
Maria Schramm
Mario Hermeto
Milton Filho
Nanah Garcia
Patricia Cruzada
Rafael Ferreira da Silva
Renata Nunes Cassel
Narration: Leila Burnotte, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Gloria Ettari

Developed by James Hall, Ashley Smith, Rafael Ferreira da Silva

Produced by: 40 Graus / Nanah Garcia

Sound: Rio Records, Aloysio Compasso, Rodrigo Maia

Language Consultants: Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Ashley Smith


Hotel Orla Av. Atlântica 4122, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro Tel: (21) 2525-2525

Restaurant Espirito Santa Rua Almirante Alexandrino 264, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro Tel (21) 2508-7095

Restaurante Jobi Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, 1166, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro Tel 2274-0547

Livraria Letras e Expressões OUT OF BUSINESS.

Restaurant Point Grumari Estrada do Grumari, 2710, Barra de Guaratiba – Rio de Janeiro Tel: (21) 2410-1434

Carioca da Gema Tel: (21) 2221-0043 Rua Mem de Sá 79, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Journalist Paul Franklin is on assignment from his publisher to write about Ilha Grande (the big island). He gets a taxi and heads off to a meeting with his new assistant.

Lesson 1

The journey begins. Paul meets associate Raquel for the first time at a restaurant in Santa Tereza.
Verbs introduced: ser

Lesson 2

Paul and Raquel get to know one another over a cup of coffee. Small-talk is on the menu, and Raquel discovers a who she is dealing with. Tudo bem!
Verbs introduced: falar, aprender

Lesson 3

Raquel discovers that Paul’s Portuguese is decent, but basic. His homework paid off. Raquel realizes she is going to have her hands full keeping him out of serious trouble.
Verbs introduced: querer

Lesson 4

Every language has a few difficult but essential verbs. Today it’s ‘ficar’. Raquel explains all. Watch Paul learn. Learn Paul, learn!
Verbs introduced: entender, ficar

Lesson 5

Brazilians love meeting foreigners. They want to know why you’re here, and where you’re from. In this lesson you will learn how to handle this small-talk with style.
Verbs introduced: ir

Lesson 6

Introducing Silvia! Rio is really is small town inside a sprawling metropolis. Bumping into friends happens all the time. Que ótimo!
Verbs introduced: trabalhar

Lesson 7

A decent taxista (taxi driver) will quickly become your best friend. One thing you’ll notice right away: they don’t speak much English.

Lesson 8

Paul almost blows his whole trip by losing his luggage. Rule number 1: Keep track of your bags!
Verbs introduced: estar

Lesson 9
Checking-in to a hotel is always a hassle, in any language. In this lesson you’ll learn how to make it into your room easily.
Verbs introduced: ter

Lesson 10
Room with a view. Complete with air-conditioning, cable TV and a minibar…but what about a wireless connection for the laptop?
Verbs introduced: funcionar, ligar

Lesson 11

Crossing time zones means more than just adjusting your watch. There are holidays, and then there are Brazilian holidays. Be sure you know the schedule before landing.

Lesson 12

Paul wakes up in Brazil a little too early, but most redeeming part about being in Rio is that no matter where you are, there’s usually a beach nearby. Hangovers are soon forgotten.

Lesson 13
In a hurry, Paul catches a bus headed to Copacabana… or is it? And what about the subway?
Verbs introduced: passar

Lesson 14
A subway system – in Rio de Janeiro? Word on the street is: it’s one of the best ways to explore the urban sprawl. Just don’t hop on the wrong train like our superstar journalist does.

Lesson 15
LOST, Brazilian-style. Our hero out-does them all in this episode taking not only the wrong bus, but the subway too. In this lesson we show you how to change directions, FAST.
Verbs introduced: esperar, saber

Lesson 16
Call a cab, your quickest ticket out of trouble or…?

Lesson 17
Como está a sua viajem? Bem melhor with a cell phone and a táxi rescue.

Lesson 18
Don’t let a little rain spoil your trip. In this lesson Raquel teaches us how to find and buy an umbrella.
Verbs introduced: comprar

Lesson 19
How much does it cost? Is it a good price? How do you know the good from the bad. In this lesson we show how a proper purchase is made.
Verbs introduced: custar

Lesson 20

Hungry, thirsty and lost: being a tourist can be tough. But there is a cure — ‘Chopp’, Brazilian draft beer that goes down perfectly, and solves most all traveling ills.
Verbs introduced: beber, comer, fazer

Lesson 21
A sandwich with cheese and pineapple? Served with cold beer and a salad you will love it. Paga com cartão!
Verbs introduced: Pagar

Lesson 22
The day is still early and Raquel has much more to show Paul than a good sandwich and umbrella. Never turn down an offer from a Carioca!
Verbs introduced: Mostrar, Pegar

Lesson 23
Street vendors ride the buses of Rio, “de graça” (free). Learn how to make a purchase without leaving your seat and still get off at the correct stop.
Verbs introduced: vender

Lesson 24

Our site-seeing couple discovers a special stairway in Lapa. Raquel bumps into Isabela, things will never be the same.

Lesson 25
Isabela gives Raquel more than the customary 2 kisses and wants to know everything about her new friend, Paul. Is she just nervous… or, overly curious? One thing is sure, they are going to meet again soon.
Verbs introduced: gostar, morar, subir

Lesson 26
Wandering deep into the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, Paul and Raquel kill some time before a night of dancing and drinking is and: trouble.
Verbs introduced: descer, entrar

Lesson 27
A night out. Caipirinhas are on the menu as well as Brazilian pop (MPB) and of course, jealousy! Está com ciúmes?
Verbs introduced: adorar, dançar, experimentar

Lesson 28

Back at the office, Paul arrives to meet with the or of the magazine. His special assignment is about to begin.

Lesson 29

Before starting his assignment, Paul meets for the first time with the magazine’s or, Andrea. Business Portuguese is no big deal!
Verbs introduced: chegar, conhecer, escrever, levar

Lesson 30

Paul learns how to pack for a trip, Brazilian-style. Lucky for him, he knows how to call for telephone-support.
Verbs introduced: precisar

Lesson 31
Bags packed, tickets paid-for. They just need to pick-up the photographer and get out of town!

Lesson 32
On the “high-seas” for about an hour, our group arrives on the island where they discover that – there are no cars. Plenty of horses and dogs, though.
Verbs introduced: ajudar

Lesson 33
Breakfast on the island, café da manhã. Paul gets a full briefing from Raquel before setting out for the day.
Verbs introduced: começar, encontrar, tomar

Lesson 34
It’s getting late and Paul has again, disappeared. Raquel gets creative with her telephone and the mystery is solved.

Lesson 35
Finally, our trio is reunited and debriefed over a round of caipirinhas. Valeu a pena!

Lesson 36
Time to leave… or, is it? Paul pulls a surprise stop on the way to the airport. Te amo Brasil.
Verbs introduced: partir, perder, ver, voltar