The Portuguese Present Progressive ➜ common examples

Portuguese present progressive tense

The Portuguese Present Progressive is one of the first conjugations you will learn, but many students are afraid to actually use it. I was too, until I could really hear/see someone using them!

*Taken from a longer dialog.

The Present Progressive (ing): -ar verbs: ando / -er verbs: endo / -ir verbs: indo

the Present Progressive

Use this to say what’s happening right now: I’m working, He’s surfing, You’re talking, etc. It’s often considered the Portuguese “ing”.

ESTAR + verb without the final “r” + ndo

~ar verb brincaPortuguese Present Progressive examples ➜ brincando
~er verb correr ➜ correPortuguese Present Progressive examples ➜ correndo
~ir verb dormir ➜ dormiPortuguese Present Progressive examples ➜ dormindo


-ar verbs
I’m arriving Eu estou cheg ando
Who’s talking? Quem está fal ando?
-er verbs
I’m eating. Eu estou com endo
He’s losing. Ele está perd endo
-ir verbs
I’m insisting. Eu estou insist indo
She’s driving. Ela está dirig indo
*You’ll hear this conjugation called the gerund.

Eu estou trabalhando agora. (I'm working now.)

Você está comendo açúcar? (Are you eating sugar?)

Ele está dirigindo. (He's driving.)