De onde você é?


Brazilians are very curious about foreigners in their country. They will surely ask you: De onde você é?

But even Google Translate does not really understand this sentence.
Where you are from? I thought they were using AI to improve their translations. Hmmmm.

And it's a bit twisted because literally, you are asking: of where you are?

de onde você é, você é de onde?

These two versions are the most common. They mean exactly the same thing. It's like we'll also say, You're from where?

Let's hear it: De onde você é?


De onde você é querido? > Where are you from dear?
De onde você é meu amor? > Where are you from my love?
De onde você é mesmo? > Where are you from?

* the mesmo is just filler - it adds emphasis: Where are you really from?

De qual cidade você é? > What city are you from?
De que país você é? > What country are you from?

You'll often get simply: De onde?

Even more contextual examples here.