Common Contractions


As a new learner, there are 3 important Portuguese contractions that you need to know.

Brazilians use these all time in everyday speech:

Em – in, on or at

em + o = no
em + a = na

Of course, there are PLURAL versions also. But let's keep it simple. You can get by fine without the plurals until you are already making your own sentences.

Minha bolsa está no quarto. > My bag (purse) is in the bedroom.
Eu te espero na sala. > I'll wait for you in the livingroom.

Notice that the no & na are saying in the. It used to really throw me saying no when we are so used to no meaning no.
How about saying in a or, in an?

em + um = num
em + uma = numa

Ele trabalha num hotel. > He works in a hotel.
Ela mora numa casa. > She lives in a house.

De – of or from the

de + o = do
de + a = da

A – at or to the

a + o = ao
a + a = à

Você foi ao supermercado ontem? > Did you go to the supermarket yesterday?
Eu vou à escola mais tarde. > I'll go to school later.

Portuguese Contractions

num, numa

From the video learning course, INTENSIVO.