Asking Directions in Portuguese

asking directions

One sure way to quickly improve your Portuguese is to get lost... in Brazil. Even if just for a few hours. All of your speaking inhibitions will immediately disappear and you'll be compelled to do the single best thing for improving your skills: speak to a real Brazilian!

Brazilians are a helpful bunch. I've made lifelong friends from asking directions here. Brazilians will generally speaking, go out of their way to be helpful to foreigners. I don't really know why. Brazilians have something extra in their blood.

Get lost.

But do it in Brazil.

Your first experiences asking for help & directions will be confusing. You need to tell them to slow down, and speak clearly. Keep asking the same question until you begin to understand their answer.

You will not understand anything that someone says to you on the street the first few times. And that's why getting lost is the perfect situation for learning. You will be just anxious enough about getting home that you will be forced to speak and understand. It's truly the best way to get over your speaking fears.

These are the most useful phrases:
Olá... você sabe onde fica a praia? > Do you know where the beach is?
Você pode me dizer como chegar na lagoa? > Can you tell me how to get to the lake?
Com licença senhor mas, você sabe onde é a Rua Presidente Vargas?? > Excuse me, sr but, do you know where...?
Você sabe onde tem um caixa eletrônico? > Do you know where there's an ATM?
Sabe onde tem o metro por aqui? > Do you know where there's a subway around here?

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