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An entirely video method

for learning Portuguese.


The new learning series.

Intensivo = intensive. You knew that, right?

Video Dialogs of Real-Life Situations

Filmed on-location in Rio de Janeiro with an all Brazilian cast.

The path to fluency:

Stop memorizing. Expose yourself to real language, in context.

Context is the key.

150 lessons, each broken-down.


Subscription or pay once.


Learn Brazilian Portuguese, by Semantica

Learn Portuguese by watching videos of real-life situations.

Our video MINI-SERIES is designed to teach you Brazilian Portuguese step-by-step. After each episode we break it down, present the grammar rules, and show you how to pronounce the hardest words. Then we quiz you on what you just learned.

There is no better way to learn Portuguese.

Semantica for YOU

Fast and affordable, you get access to over 150 lessons. with teaching and testing, video dialogs, breakdowns, grammar teaching, pronunciation training and practice app.
It's called, the INTENSIVO
Your price will never increase, nunca.

Pay up-front and get full access to all 150 lessons + all the interactive content.

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We offer special pricing and study options for schools.

If you just want Series 1 on DVD, you can get it at a 20% discount, If you're a qualified school or homeschool.
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Quickly get your team up-to-speed on the local language and customs. The Intensivo will prepare them.
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Test drives are free.

We're presenting the language as it's really spoken: only clearer, much easier to understand.

Now, you can get all of our content for one price. It's called, the Intensivo (intensive)… and it will supercharge your Portuguese.

But don't take our word for it.

We've got fans.

  • Wow, I love the new Semantica series. Now I see why you call it "Intensivo". It is very thorough.   Great job as always.  This will keep me busy for months. Keep up the good work!!
    Sammy Derzie
  • You're making a 3rd series? Great!! When is it coming out? I listened to series 1 a hundred times, and really got it. Then I tried series 2, listened to that one hundred times, and got that. I'll take part3 as soon as it's available!!
    SamTheHammer (youtube name)
  • Que bom! At last this is the best!!I tried Rosetta but had to returne it because it was boring and too slow moving. Semantica is entertaining and easy to follow. You don't lose focus because it's like watching a movie broken down into small clips. They teach you real life scenarios as opposed to learning phrases here and there that have no use in real life. I just wish they would hurry up and come out with more.
    Julio C. Andrade
  • Nossa! Gostei muito! I think your company is part of the "new wave" of language learning concepts such as the up and coming "Fluenz". What I like about your program is that it is an "enjoyable eperience" as opposed to a "learning lesson". It puts you "there".
    James Best
  • Wow! Finally something much more fun to watch and learn. Does anyone know where the rest of the series can be found? I need this for my staff -- and of course myself. Was hard to find on iTunes but well worth it. This is very well done and not "canned" like so many others. I travel to Brazil often and after using this DVD it was a whole lot easier to figure out the language and people skills!
  • Great Language course Of all the Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts available on iTunes this was the best so far! What is good about this podcast is the VIDEO! I lived in Brazil two years and the video is realistic and greatly enhances the learning experience.
  • Ther are so few matrials available ,it causes a difficulty to learn portuguese. But this material is a very good for English native speaker and nonnative speaker too. It's fantastic!
    Jun Yamamoto "Junchen" (Tokyo)
  • Semantica DVD #1 was fantastic ! Great job, you guys are well on the way to cornering the market in Portuguese language instruction. Nobody else comes close to the quality and enjoyability of this amazing DVD
    Hamilcar King
  • Your series of videos are truly helping me.  Each short video is outstanding in quality; they are refined and polished.  Sometime ago, in the 1980's, there was a TV show in Japan called "Yan and the Japanese People".   It was designed to help native English speakers living in Japan to better communicate in Japanese and understand the culture.  Similar to your Series 1, the show taught by means of a story of an American, called Yan, who was new to the country.  Your videos are accomplishing for Brazilian Portuguese learners what that old show did for learners of Japanese.  Well, at least it is for me!  In fact, I think your videos are superior in several ways.
    Damon Young
  • I will be sending you the $15 for the Virada series later today. Series 1 is excellent for hearing the different accents and pronunciations. I am going to tell my professora de português em Denver about your course. I think it would help reinforce some listening concepts for her course. It isn't easy to meet with português speakers here to listen to the faster speaking.
    David Crain
  • Also wanted to follow up on the DVD's and see if those are being sent to me. I have to tell you these video's are great stuff?  I have been practicing every day with my Portuguese friends and really find Semantica Portuguese to be one of the best tools out there for learning Brazilian Portuguese!
    Eddie Edmunds
  • Òtimo! Muito obrigada. Eu adoro semantica!  You have developed a great way to learn. It would be great if you had other languages and put Rosetta Stone out of business, you guys are way better!   How about a business module?   Great job! 
    Patricia Davidson
  • I find that this system is totally engaging, and my comprehension curve is climbing quite incredibly; really, congratulations for a really fine and affordable tool and especially the varied and practical exposure to aspects of actual life and situations (as opposed to the deadly "Lisa gets up at 8 a.m. and has breakfast" type of language course staples most systems feature).
    Thomas Petruso
  • I just wanted to write that this first lesson was great! I’m through lesson 24 on the beginner and thought I’d check these out to see what’s waiting for me when I’m done with those. The breakdown was wonderful – and I love the grammar/vocab animations at the top. Really great job!!!
  • Semantica is a great product and the music you guys use in your videos are great as well – both for listening and for learning due to the lyrics – would you be able to post a list of songs used? I think everyone would love it and it would be a great addition!
  • Love the Semantica stuff…I have it all. Have all the other courses available as well, i.e. Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, etc. but enjoy the down to earth lessons with Semantica.
  • Gostei muito os videos novos. The HD format is so clear and gives the feel of really being in Brazil. I loved Series 1 and now finally we have Series 2. The stories are all interesting and if I listen hard I can understand quite a bit of them the first time. It is quite fast and there are a lot of new words. Great, because I need to learn more! I’ve been to Brazil twice for several weeks each time and can’t wait to go back again. Thanks for making these videos!
    Steve Hale
  • Estou assistindo a lição sobre o Central de Atendimento. Nossa, MUITO UTIL! Um aspeto da língua muito difícil é conseguire falar e entender português no telefone. This series is great! Vocês estão de parabéns.
  • I can’t contain my enthusiasm for these lessons. They are so much fun and such a nice change of pace from RosettaStone.
  • I cant wait for this i love the series you’ve done so far, it so useful to learn this way, you guys are doing an amazing job! btw who sings that version of ‘mas que nada’ at the end of the first “eu vou” video? Thanks!
  • …the grammar topics have really helped me in a way that no teacher or grammar book has done before.
    Obrigada, Diana

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