Learning Portuguese with subtitles


I hear from so many people that are either (a) unable to wean themselves from using subtitles, or (b) not taking advantage of the power of subtitles.

There is actually a specific process for Learning Portuguese with subtitles, and it's not that obvious. Using movies, tv shows and YouTube to teach you the language is by far, the most effective self-teaching method that you can use. The combination of images and the language IN CONTEXT creates an impression in your mind that is lasting and easily recalled. This approach is called Story-based language learning. And, it works,

Learning Portuguese with subtitles: the method

Choose a SHORT video clip.

Focus on a 20 second - 2 minute piece and nothing more until you are advanced. It's important that you not get lost or overwhelmed.

Subtitles in english: ON

Make sure you fully understand what is happening and what was said in your language first.

Subs in portuguese: ON

Re-watch it with the portuguese subtitles on and try to read them OUT-LOUD.


Now take the training wheels off. Listen. One more time and now you speak the lines.

It's really a big advantage getting to see the words written on the screen. Portuguese is spoken exactly as it's written (the pronunciation). Once you know the sounds that the letters make you can't go wrong. Soon, you will find that it's possible to write emails and chat online. This is a huge added bonus!

Our online all-video course has hundreds of videos especially designed and filmed to teach you Portuguese of Brazil. All are legendado (subtitled) in English, Portuguese and Spanish.