Saying: to run into, to bump into

to run into, to bump into in Portuguese
Why is this so hard to say?

to run into, to bump into: Saying it in Portuguese.

When you're in Brazil it's normal to spend much more time on foot, walking the streets. Even though automobiles inundate life as here, the infrastructure of most cities just can't handle them and as a result, there are still lots of small businesses best accessed on foot. Also a factor: no

In Brazil, running into people on the street seems to happen much more than anywhere else!

So what's the best verb to talk about this?

As usual, you have options! In order...

(1) encontrar

Usually used together with com.

Encontrei com Alice no shopping hoje. > I met with Alice today at the shopping mall.

If you said it without the com it would translate like this: I met (literally) Alice today at the shopping.

(2) ver

Vi meu chefe na rua ontem. > I saw my boss in the street yesterday.

Here it's not clear if you just saw him or, ran into him.

(3) esbarrar

Esbarrei com meu amigo agora mesmo. > I ran into my friend just now.

This is the more precise verb for saying to run into.

(4) dar de cara

Also used with com.
Use this when you bumped into someone that you really didn't want to see.
Literally translates to: to give face

Dei de cara com minha ex mulher no posto de gasolina hoje. > I ran into my ex at the gas station today.

There are others but, these are used 99% of the time when saying: to run into, to bump into.