Portuguese Expressions of Time

Portuguese Expressions of Time

These are really useful ways to talk about the timing of things. These are the most common ones but, you can also modify these to say exactly what you want to say without learning anything else!

I put most of these on my flashcard stack and memorized them before traveling to Brazil.

expressions of time

the past

ontem (yesterday)

na semana passada (last week)

uns dias atrás (a few days ago)

um tempo atrás (some time ago)

ano passado (last year)

the present & the future

hoje (today)

logo (soon)

agora (now)

agora mesmo (right now)

neste momento (this moment)

mais tarde (later)

daqui a pouco (in a little while)

daqui um minuto (in a minute)

daqui uma hora (in an hour)

a hora chegou (the time has come)

amanhã (tomorrow)

na semana que vem (next week)

ano que vem (next year)

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Portuguese Expressions of Time
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