Other tenses of TER


Ter in the Future Tense

The common way is to use the verb ir as a helper verb (the future tense with ir)

Eu vou ter mais tempo amanh√£. > I'm going to have more time tomorrow.
Ele vai ter que correr. > He's going to have to run.
Você vai ter uma namorada nova. > You're going to have a new girlfriend.
Ter in the Past Tense

The past tense is where things get complicated. You really need to memorize the preterit perfect tense (simple past). The other past forms take time to get as their conjugations are so different.

Eu tive um sonho muito loco. > I had a really crazy dream.


Ela tinha muitos problemas. > She used to have lots of problems.

*the preterit imperfect (past imperfect)

There are of course other verb tenses as well. But they are more advanced so let's leave them for later. These include the past, present & future subjunctive forms. Also, there is the conditional of ter which is very common.

If you can start using these simpler forms you will be in great shape to get to the next level. But mastering the verb ter will challenge you to the core. Don't let it beat you!