Once upon a time.

era uma vez

In English, we do not have this tense (the imperfect indicative). But watch out because in Portuguese of Brazil you cannot talk about the past without it!

In Portuguese, when talking about an event in the past that was ongoing or would always occur, we use this tense.

Here is how it's conjugated.

"Era uma vez" is the equivalent of saying "once upon a time".
In english we would say "It was like this..."
In portuguese it's. "Era assim..."
The verb is ser.
Learn it!

More on this tense here.


Mas hoje em dia é tão difícil encontrarmos
essa tipo de festa.

eu era criança...

Era uma vez...

Era uma vez!
A minha familia
não fazia nada
nos meus aniversários.


Nós comíamos um Big Mac.
Nós íamos no McDonalds,
comíamos um Big Mac.
Fazíamos sempre isso.