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imperfect indicative tense

The imperfect indicative is used when talking about continuous or ongoing action in the past. Something that used to happen or, would (always) happen.
*Also called the Preterit Imperfect tense.

» Eu trabalhava no Banco do Brasil.


When I was younger I would always drink a few beers before going to a party.

» Quando eu era mais jovem eu sempre bebia umas cervejas antes de sair pra festa.

Things that used to happen or, would (always) happen, entendeu?

-ar regular verbs

I used to work eu trabalh ava
he used to work ele trabalh ava
we used to work nós trabalh ávamos
they used to work eles trabalh avam

-er and -ir regular verbs

I used to eat eu com ia
he used to eat ele com ia
we used to eat nós com íamos
they used to eat eles com iam

ar verbs > Trabalhava nessa empresa. (I used to work at that company.)

er verbs > Eu bebia todos os dias. (I used to drink every day.)

ir verbs > Eu dormia bem. (I used to sleep well.)

*Also called the Preterite Imperfect