Saying MOST in Portuguese


Saying most in Portuguese isn't that obvious. The confusion comes from the fact that in English, we use most to talk about two different things:

- NUMBER: Most of time it's rainy.
- DEGREE: I like rainy weather the most.

In Portuguese these are expressed in different ways, depending on the context.

When talking about the NUMBER of something, use MAIORIA. Like this:

Most people take the bus. > A maioria das pessoas vão de ônibus.
Most men here play soccer. > A maioria dos homens jogam futebol.

*NOTICE that a maioria is a feminine word. It stands by itself and does not change gender even if you say "A maioria das mulheres ..." or, "A maioria dos homens..."

Most of the time I'm at work. > A maioria do tempo estou no trabalho.

When talking about DEGREE of something there are more options. Let's look at some examples:

I like you the most. > Eu gosto mais de você.
He's the most qualified for the job. > Ele é ao mais qualificado para o serviço.
Most of all, I like the weather here. > Sobre tudo, adoro o clima aqui.

Examples of mais to express more can be found in this other post.