Learning Portuguese: 3 habits of successful learners.


The students that are on the road to speaking Portuguese fluently do several key things differently. I see these over and over again. They are so striking that I'm going to call them, The 3 habits of successful learners. These people are among the few that actually get to the ultimate goal: fluency.

They ask dumb questions.

They ask dumb questions. >> During the process of acquiring a new language, lots of doubts accumulate. Most people hold onto them creating a traffic jam in your language center. We tend to avoid appearing dumb and hold onto questions that we think or hope will answer themselves in time. Successful learners deal with the doubts the moment they come up. They kill them off, resolving the conflict before it starts slowing them down.

They're motivated.

Some students start out with only a casual interest in learning Portuguese, and later on get more serious. But only the ones with solid motivation make it to fluency. I've always wondered why someone that's disciplined and regularly studies the language doesn't always make it to fluency. I think it's because only the deeply motivated overcome the natural speaking fear. Conquering this fear is key.

They're patient with themselves.

Acquiring a language takes time. Most of us want to see results right away. Most learners attack the language cramming themselves with info trying to learn Portuguese quickly. They over-dose and need to take lots of time off. Again and again, I see the more patient, slow-but-steady approach crossing the finish line first.

If you're serious...

about learning Portuguese of Brazil, there's a world of opportunity and adventure waiting for you. But only if you can speak their language. For the motivated, check out our other posts under the category of Learning Tips.

Build your Highway.

This clip helped me stay positive throughout the process of trying to build new habits in my life. Obrigado Kurzgesagt!