There's this perception that Brazilians enjoy a drink.

Verdade ou mito?


It's the weather. Imagine if all the skanky bars in your town were open air, tables spilling out onto the sidewalk where you could instantly see smiling people with cold drinks. I bet you'd stop by at least once in a while.

That's Brazil. Every corner of every neighborhood.

Let's learn some of the vocabulary involved just in case you find yourself at one of those tables, shall we?

Let's start with this clip from O Encontro:

Quer beber alguma coisa?

Other ways of saying this: Você quer beber? / O que você quer? / Algo para beber?

Não sei.
O que você está bebendo?
Caipirinha. E uma bebida bem brasileira.

The idea that all things GREAT are "bem brasileira" is covered in this post.


Try it! EXPERIMENTAR is the best verb to use in this situation. You could use PROVAR: Prova! -- just as good but not as much fun to say.

Mais duas caipirinhas, por favor!

It's DUAS Caipirinhas not DOIS -- you know why, right?

Eu pago.

I'll pay! He could have said: Eu vou pagar, but really this is much better and simpler than saying: "I am going to pay."

Obrigada, Paul.

Now here's a situation...

É bom? Eu quero experimentar.
É muito bom.
Melhor que vinho?

Better THAN wine? Look how the simple "que" provides the "than" when comparing things.

Mil vezes.
Acho que sim.

And here the "que" (flexible word!) expresses "that". Brazilians think that English is overly complicated with the than, that, thus, then... Portuguese can do all of those with q-u-e.

Acho que eu quero experimentar.
Eu vou experimentar.

Will he or won't he? You'll have to pay to find out.

And form A Virada (the comeback):

Então segura.

Hold on - SEGURAR (to this).

O que é isso?
Agora você vai aprender como relaxar de verdade.

"de verdade" = REALLY (to tell you the truth)

O gosto é bom! Mas é forte.

Notice that GOSTAR means to like, and O GOSTO = the taste.

Cuidado! Ele é meu chefe!
Mas e aí, chefe, você não queria relaxar?

You wanted to relax, right? This could have also been: Você quiz relaxar, não?
bê•ba•do | {adj.} drunk; under the influence of alcohol