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Você tem?


If you're just starting to put together your first sentences you need to get the verb TER down pretty well. It's fundamental. TER is super flexible and you can build lots of really useful sentences around it. Try these out for size:
Tenho um problema!

* You can skip the "EU" -- it's already clear that it's I HAVE since "tenho" is always just "I HAVE"

Tem um restaurante por aqui?

* Here "TEM" is used to say "IS THERE"

Você sabe se tem um banco nessa rua?

* The first part, "Você sabe se tem..." can be used a million ways.

Temos pouco tempo.
Tem dinheiro trocado?

* "dinheiro trocado" = change

From the Portuguese language Series 1.

11 Responses to “Você tem?”

  1. Patrick says : Reply

    What do these sentences mean? It says it’s to help people just starting to put together sentences and then doesn’t say what they mean. I can only figure out the first one. Thanks! Pat

    • Raquel Semantica says : Reply

      Oi Pat…. this post is for people that have at least some basic vocabulary. Words like, dinheiro, tempo, problema…restaurante. These are all really simple words and you should have them in your flashcard deck right now if you want to start learning Portuguese.

      • Patrick says : Reply

        Trocado sabe se nessa and por were the ones that i didnt know. I couldnt figure out any except fir the first. I have been learning for 1.5 yrars but have some gaps in my knowledge so if you showed what these sentences meant it would be nice. Im not stupid, i recognize words very quickly by sight and know how to spell them and how often they are used but remembering what they mean has been very difficult for some words which makes remembering the diffrrent verb forms a nightmare. How much would it cost for me to sign up again? I wasnt able to undrrstand what was said in the videos before but want to try again. Thanks. Pat

        • Raquel Semantica says : Reply

          Oi Pat there is a post here on portuguese vocabulary that will put an end to your nightmare of remembering words. You used to have an acct correct? So – all you need to do is log in again and you will see a link to renew your old account 😉

      • Patrick says : Reply

        So what do these sentences mean? I asked and got a link but no answer. Thanks, Pat

        • Alexandre says : Reply

          I think James and Raquel have been trying to tell you that if you would take the time to learn some basic vocabulary you would already know what they mean. So, if you know that problema = problem, then you know that “tenho um problema” = I have a problem.

          • Patrick says : Reply

            If you read what I had said I made the statement that I understood the first sentence and was asking about the others which no one has answered. It was only Raquel and not James like you said that commented on it. I dont know why your customer service has suddenly dropped to zero. I have taken the time to learn some basic vocabulary but dont know it all like you seem to think you do. Pat

  2. mobin says : Reply

    Estimados amigos!
    I find few example of the usage of Ter:

    ter razão
    ter cuidado
    ter a ver com
    ter que/de
    ter sorte

  3. simo says : Reply

    Obrigado pela lição. Foi muito útil.
    Você tem uma outra lição?
    Estou esperando
    até logo