Vamos embora!


Vamos emobra! When Brazilian's say goodbye.

IN ORDER OF USAGE (most common first) -- the ways Brazilians say good-bye.

(1) Tchau!

(2) eu vou embora
EMBORA = away.

Eu vou embora. = I'm going away (leaving).
Most dictionaries list this as:

em•bo•ra | {conj.} (apesar de; ainda que; ainda)

That's because this is an expression and hasn't yet entered the dictionary. But it's something that 100% of all Brazilians say every day. It's an expression that comes from very old times when people would say when leaving:

vamos em boa hora = let's go at a good hour. This evolved into: vamos embora.

(3) Preciso ir. = I need to go.

(4) Tenho que ir. = I have to go.

Besides these you're very likely to hear: eu vou, tchau!