Te amo Brazilian Portuguese!


It's a little strange to hear some one that you hardly know sending you "hugs & kisses" after a brief phone conversation. But, that is how it goes here in Brazil. A man commonly ends a phone or email conversation with "abraço" (hug). A woman will often say "beijos" or call you "querido/a" (darling). This is all STANDARD (padrão) and normal! The literal translation of languages often just does_not work!

Let's review some of the common expressions of carinho, amor e amizade:

> querido/a is like "dear" or  but not at all awkward sounding as it is in english.

Oi querida, tudo bem?

meu bem is like "darling"  - it's very affectionate.

Vem cá meu bem!

> meu amor - say this only to someone you love!

What do you say to a guy/gal you think is really hot?

Você é gato.  / Ela é gata.

and you can also add an "inho" / "inha" to it making it more... playful.

Oi gatinha!

How about "cute?" Literally, the word is fofo/a but it's more common to say this,

Você é bonito/a.

this also implies handsome -- you can call a girl handsome too!

Lindo/a of course translates as beautiful.

Você é linda de mais.

You are so beautiful.