tanto quanto — as much as — in Portuguese

tanto quanto

Quanto this, tanto that, tanto quanto... Is there anything more confusing than this?

It's empowering to finally be able to say things like:

I don't like that one as much as this one;

This subway route doesn't have as many stops as that one;

She as well as I will have accepted the offer.

She likes her old car just as much as the new one.

This is advanced-level Portuguese. And the key to expressing these sentences is the correct use of TANTO & QUANTO. They work together.

Let's follow the recipe:

TANTO first, followed by QUANTO == as much as. Sort of. But that's the core idea. We can mix it up a bit. Let's look at examples:

Eu gosto tanto dessa quanto da outra.
Tanto ela quanto ele gostaram da proposta.
Gaby estuda tanto quanto você.
Tanto João como José participaram da oficina.

*Note that you can usually trade the quanto for como. But you're safer always using quanto.

Now in a more detailed paragraph:

Eu gostei tanto dessa visita quanto a anterior. Gostei tanto, que acabei prorrogando minha viagem. Mas dessa vez eu peguei tanto sol nas praias que depois tive que evitar o sol tanto quanto possível durante o período de recuperação.