Perfectly Speaking

present perfect

Speak in the present perfect.

You use it all the time to say for example,
"I've been working"
"We've been traveling"
"What have been doing?"
It's all about the been!

To use this verb tense (the present perfect indicative) all you need to do is connect ter with any past participle of a verb. Like this:

O que você tem feito? ➜ What have you been doing?

Past participle of FAZER = feito. This is a great conversation starter!

Você tem ido a aula? ➜ Have you been going to class?

Past participle of IR = ido. Notice that all past participles end with and 'o'!

Você tem falado com ele? ➜ Have you been talking to him?

Past participle of FALAR = falado. Notice that TER is always in the present.

Eu não tenho saido muito esses dias. ➜ I haven't been going out much these days

Past participle of SAIR = saido)

Muita coisa tem acontecido. ➜ Lots has been happening.

Past participle of ACONTECER = acontecido.