Read this before you fly: Portuguese Travel Phrases

portuguese travel phrases

The airport is a great place to start practicing your Portuguese. Most airline staff are bilingual and will be very forgiving of your mistakes and accent. Just go for it and apologize later.

Let's do a typical check-in dialog:

AGENTE: Bom dia senhor. Passaporte, por favor.
PASSAGEIRO: Aqui está. Eu vou para Recife.
AGENTE: O senhor tem bagagem para check-in?
PASSAGEIRO: Tenho só a minha bagagem de mão.
AGENTE: Ok. Aqui está sua passagem. Seu assento é 33B.
PASSAGEIRO: Qual é o portão de embarque? 
AGENTE: É A2… lá na frente.

If you pull this off the reservations desk is going to tell you how amazing you, and your Portuguese is.
Learning travel portuguese phrases is just a matter of being not-afraid.

o visto

The word for visa is visto - not to be confused with the past participle of ver (seen). A travel visa is a temporary permit to be inside the country.

What do I have to do to get a visa? >> Como eu faço para conseguir um visto?

a passagem

There are many different words for ticket, but an airline ticket is always passagem.

How much does a ticket to Recife cost? >> Quanto custa a passagem para Recife?

a bagagem

A mala is a suitcase, and it's fine to say malas, but when talking about several bags it's more common to say bagagem.

Do you have any carry-on bags? >> O senhor tem bagagem de mão também?

o portão

We say gate, they say port = portão.

Which is the departure gate? >> Qual é o portão de embarque?


Embarque comes from the verb, embarcar.

The plane boards at 10 o'clock. >> O embarque será às dez horas.


I can't think about the verb decolar without hearing the jingle of the company with the same name, (see video below to have this verb forever embedded into your memory).

What time does the plane take-off? >> A que horas que o avião vai decolar?


It took me a long time to realize that a seat in a plane is not called a cadeira but rather assento.

What's you seat number, sir? >> Qual é o número do seu assento, senhor?