Portuguese Pronunciation

We're starting to post the first pronunciation videos!

The first 10 lessons of A Virada now have the corresponding pronĂșncia training. They look just great. Luciana and Andre have done an amazing job at showing us the language in all it's GLORY. This is like watching bees pollenate flowers in super-slow motion. Everything is there to hear, clearly.

This is an important step to fluency! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you hear and see how the words are pronounced in a controlled setting. Of course, in the real world you will rarely hear the language like this. But your speaking confidence and Portuguese pronunciation will go up exponentially if you listen to the pronunciation clip before each lesson of this story series. Really.

Watching these will dramatically improve your language comprehension. Pronouncing Portuguese as spoken in Brazil can be challenging. It's important that you have the chance to really hear correct pronunciation in clearly and without the stress of a real convesation.