The Portuguese JEITO


What is the Portuguese JEITO?

It's just an expression:
JEITO = way, as in: let's find a way.

It's somewhat notorious because Brazil has been known as the place where anything is possible. This comes mostly from the recent past in which one could for example, buy their way into a green card, bribe someone to open a business, pay-off a judge to get out of jail. ETCETERA.

Often called, The Brazilian JEITINHO.

Those days are (mostly) over. The expression(s) remain, though they don't all have to do with criminal behavior 😉 And they're very popular so - let's learn them!

Portuguese JEITO

The main expressions"
dar um jeito = figure out a way
não tem jeito = there's no way
de jeito nenhum = absolutely not (no way)

Vou dar um jeito nisso. = I'm going to fix this.
Não tem jeito falar com ela. = There's no way to talk to her.
De jeito nenhum eu vou fazer isso! = No way I'm going to do that!

Grammar Reference: Portuguese JEITO