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simple past tense: ser, ir

The preterit of ser and ir ~ These two essential verbs are very irregular in the “simple past” tense. BUT – they’re exactly the same! Saying was or went, is usually written the same.

to be ser
I was eu f ui
you/he/she were (was) você/ele/ela f oi
to go ir
I went eu f ui
you/he/she went você/ele/ela f oi

IR » Foi muito bem. It went really well.

SER » Foi muito bom. It was really good.

IR » Fui! I went!

SER » A festa foi perfeita. The party was perfect.

IR » Nós fomos à praia ontem. We went to the beach yesterday.

SER » Foi um dia daqueles. It was one of those days.

IR » Eles foram fazer compras juntos. They went shopping together.

IR » Para onde ele foi? Where did he go?

* More accurately called, the preterit indicative tense.